Help: Characters

Each post consist of a character image in PNG format. This image contains the character data required to use the character in the game.
You should not save the thumbnails in the character list pages, only the large image within the individual character page, as thumbnails don't contain the necessary character data.


To upload a character you have created, find the character in your game folder (see below). It will be called what you named it. Then, select "Add Character" in the menu above, and fill out the information.
You should fill out the originating source in the Source field if the character is not your own. In the Title field, enter the character's name.
In the Tags field, enter as many descriptive tags as possible, observe that you need to separate tags with space and instead of space in the tag name, you use underscore (_). So fx Lisa Simpson becomes Lisa_Simpson.
The website makes it possible for you to register often used tags (my tags) that are easy to insert. You add those in "My Account" > "My Tags".

To download and use a character in your Monolith Bay installation, you must save the character file from it's post page (the large image). The image will be exactly 400 pixels in width and 570 pixels in height.
Save the character to your Character folder, which is inside the base game folder and in the MonolithBay\Character folder. Like this:

  • Game folder
    • -> MonolithBay
      • -> Character

After this, you should be able to load the character. Renaming it to one of the installed base characters should replace that character in-game.